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Subscription Services

XL Law & Consulting offers annual subscriptions which provide relevant and continuously updated compliance and regulatory information for higher education institutions.

Chinese PIPL Compliance

  • Bilingual Reference Database – English and Chinese versions of relevant data security and privacy laws, regulations and related policies.

  • Bilingual English and Chinese templates of compliance documents specifically prepared with higher education institutions in mind.

  • Required for those who may be collecting data from students or perspective students in China or working with Chinese partners. Includes compliance policies, impact assessments and contract provisions.

  • Comprehensive survey to assist institutions in engaging in data mapping of PRC data subjects.

  • Companion guide to data mapping survey to provide further guidance.

PIPL Compliance Research Add-On

  • Additional guidance on the impact of PIPL on the US research enterprise.

  • Research compliance templates and sample add-on language for research protocols and informed consents.

Chinese Higher Education Updates

  • Coming soon

  • Bilingual Reference Database – English and Chinese versions of relevant PRC higher education laws, regulations and related policies.

  • Up-to-date, in-depth analysis on how the Chinese higher education and regulations, administrative policies and guidance will affect U.S. higher education institutions

International Research Compliance Updates

  • Coming soon