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Effective November 1, 2021, the PIPL is China’s comprehensive law on data privacy and protection.  It will impact higher education institutions that collect data, either:

  • Directly or through third parties;

  • ​From students or prospective students; or

  • During the delivery of educational programming with Chinese partners, both domestically and abroad.

​The PIPL outlined the legal bases for collecting personal information, and clarified an individual’s rights over personal information along with the obligations of personal information processors. Importantly, the PIPL introduced requirements on the cross-border transfer of personal information. Similar to EU’s GDPR, it has extraterritorial effect and also carries significant administrative fines and penalties on institutions as well as responsible personnel who fail to comply.

XL Law & Consulting offers annual subscriptions which provide relevant and continuously updated compliance and regulatory information for higher education institutions.

Available Subscriptions

Chinese PIPL Compliance

  • Bilingual Reference Database – English and Chinese versions of relevant data security and privacy laws, regulations and related policies.

  • Bilingual English and Chinese templates of compliance documents specifically prepared with higher education institutions in mind.

  • Required for those who may be collecting data from students or perspective students in China or working with Chinese partners. Includes compliance policies, impact assessments and contract provisions.

  • Comprehensive survey to assist institutions in engaging in data mapping of PRC data subjects.

  • Companion guide to data mapping survey to provide further guidance.

PIPL Compliance Research Add-On

  • Additional guidance on the impact of PIPL on the US research enterprise.

  • Research compliance templates and sample add-on language for research protocols and informed consents.

Chinese Higher Education Updates

  • Coming soon

  • Bilingual Reference Database – English and Chinese versions of relevant PRC higher education laws, regulations and related policies.

  • Up-to-date, in-depth analysis on how the Chinese higher education and regulations, administrative policies and guidance will affect U.S. higher education institutions

GDPR Compliance

  • Coming soon

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