Chinese students cautioned over fake universities when applying for higher education

China has exposed 30 fake higher education institutions as millions of high school students across the country prepare to apply for university.

The country’s state press agency, Xinhua, also confirmed that since 2013, 400 fake universities have been outed by education website

Founder of the site, Xia Xue, said the names of suspicious colleges are usual sent in by email or social media which sdaxue then investigates.

Speaking to state media, Xue said: “It is easy to see through the trick when they fake the names of well-known universities, but it is more difficult to identify if lesser-known institutions are faked.”

Xue was referring to the tactics these colleges usually employ to make themselves seem genuine. According to Xue, the exposed universities tend to use the names and website designs to imitate genuine and well-known institutions in order to slip through the net.

However, having released a list of 30 fakes – the sixth such list to be released by the site in the past three years – Xue revealed the majority had used the names of private colleges which specialise in adult education. Authorities are now reportedly working with police to investigate the list further.

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