Beijing eases policy for internships, post-study work in China’s tech centre

The Ministry of Public Security has announced that from March 1, foreign students will be permitted to have short-term internships and international students studying in Beijing universities can take part-time jobs or become entrepreneurs in the area dubbed China’s Silicon Valley.

The move comes as a welcome relief for educators and students who have struggled to meet the minimum requirements for employment in Beijing: a bachelors degree, two years of work experience outside of China after graduation, and that employers be licensed to hire foreigners.

"Most international students don’t have two years of working experience after they graduate and some local companies are apprehensive to bring on foreigners as interns,” said Jon Santangelo, communications director at the Beijing Overseas Study Services Association.“However this new policy should be positively received and will hopefully encourage international students to embark on internships, alongside easing the hiring process for employers.”